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Posted By: Gopinath Kokkonda
Aug - 1 - 2014

A study reported on suggests that 35 to 50% of all job offers are routinely rejected, and this has to be a worrying trend for employers struggling to locate talent. So, what can employers do to buck this trend ..Read More


Posted By: Vish Kokkonda
Feb - 28 - 2014

This piece of note is from my personal experience.

One of the hot reasons out of the several, ‘HOT SKILLS in demand’ seems the primary reason for the career change thought spark. Underlying motives behind the prime reason could be ..Read More


Posted By: Linwood Bailey
Aug - 23 - 2013

Unless we have won the lottery, received a large inheritance, or built a multi-million dollar investment portfolio, we will rely on our careers to fulfill our economic hopes and dreams—the homes we want to own, the cars we want to ..Read More

Career, Helpful Hints, Productivity

Posted By: Vish Kokkonda
Aug - 20 - 2013

‘Indulging in professional networking is waste of time without a clear purpose’

To become clear with my purpose of professional networking, I checked with more than 100 people for what purpose they are spending time on networking in these booming ..Read More

Career, Leadership

Posted By: Vish Kokkonda
Aug - 19 - 2013

‘Think positive’ is the phrase which might have struck your mind every time you were struggling with a problem or goal with buzz around it in the form of articles in newspapers, posts over Internet sites, personality development trainers pitches ..Read More

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A study reported on suggests that 35 to 50% ...

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