4 Bad Habits Job Seekers should get rid of

1. Feeling Insecure- Insecurity plays a lot on confidence. As a job seeker, it is important for you to think highly about yourself FIRST before .. Read More you present yourself to someone else. Job searching can be a humbling experience especially when you have someone judging/critiquing you (Employer). With that being said, it is extremely easy for someone to doubt their skills and capabilities but the reality is employers do not hire candidate with no self confidence.

2. Procrastination- I think everyone is a little guilty of this at times. Growing up I always heard “the early bird gets the worm”, which is very true. Most people are in love with the word “Later” which do not exist, we only have NOW! Once procrastination gets a hold of you it becomes harder to escape its grip.
Moral of the story: Get the job done now and procrastinate later.

3. Forgetting to follow up- One of the most common mistakes with job seekers. It is imperative that you follow up with the interviewer/employer after your interview. For one, you will leave a lasting impression on whoever you spoke with and it also lets them know how serious you are about the position. The reality is is that you are up against hundreds of candidates fighting for that same position. It is your responsibility to make yourself memorable and for you to stand out. Always follow up after an interview whether its through a phone call or email.

4. Not Networking in your circle-I can’t stress the fact how important networking is. In the era of social networking, it seems near impossible to remain closed off. However, think about who you are connected with. Chances are your circle is still intact. Networking with other people in your industry is a great way to find job leads and tips. With Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, it is extremely easy to network via these channels and build. Utilize all your sources.

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