5 Tips on choosing the best company to work for

Hello all! As a recruiter I come across many candidates who do not look at the overall picture when searching for the right job/company. Finding the right company is crucial for your career and growth. Here are a few tips in choosing the best company.

1. Company’s Reputation:

It’s important to see the companies’ track record and past performance. The consistency in delivering the best products or services to the customers and winning more investors is essential for a good performing company. The company’s reputation talks about companies sustainably during tough times.

2.  Size of the company:

The company headcount should not, according to me, matter. However people have opinion that the smaller is the company the better it is for employees, maybe because employees get more attention by the management. In my opinion this is not really true. The bigger companies have several divisions and each division is a line of business. Usually the employee of one business needs to bother or need to know about the other. Different business may operate independent of each other.

3. Companies Working on Technologies of your interest:

This is an important aspect to consider while choosing a company. There are several technologies and businesses today. It’s essential to understand kind of the technologies that the company deals with. It so happens in Services Companies that the technologies used may change very often and they do not stick with a single technology; because the business is driven by the customer demand. Its recommended to stick to single technology to master it completely for quite a time before you want to learn a new one. Though people say that an employee should be able to adopt new technology in less time, but employee will not be expert in a particular technology.

3.  Company Work Culture:

It’s not only about just the work and but its about having fun and enjoying the work. Look for what work culture the company has that best suits your interest. It could be about flexible working hours, employee benefits, about the career paths or about employee welfare. Find out if your friends/relatives are already working in the company and get the real good feedback on the work culture.

4. Good Pay:

Probably the most important criteria for choosing the company but it may not be the first criteria. Everyone works for money at the end of the day, so it does really matter and most of the times the good salary is one of the best motivation factors for employees.

                         These tips will ensure your success in choosing the best company.


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