Tips for an In Person Interview

Research a company and its industry
You’ll need to do thorough research for your in-person interview, as your interviewers will notice how much preparation you’ve done. Spend a few hours reading the following:

Company’s website – Read the homepage, products and services pages, and any other information that’s relevant to employees.
Annual reports – If you’re applying to a public company, check the investor relations section of the website and read through the latest annual report. The annual report highlights the company’s overall financial performance for the previous year.

Press releases – Read several press releases to learn about initiatives the company is currently working on. You’ll probably find some interesting pieces of information, such as the latest product launch, a recent strategic move, or management changes that you can ask about during your in-person interview. You can find press releases on the company website or through a search engine.

Industry news – Search for news about industry trends or key competitors’ performance. This information can help you think of good questions to ask your interviewer.

Practice answering traditional interview questions

Spend time practicing how you’ll answer typical interview questions. Say your answers out loud, but don’t memorize your responses. Here are a few examples of traditional interview questions and answers:

• Tell me about yourself
• Walk me through your resume
• What are your major accomplishments?
• Why are you looking for a new job?
• Where do you see yourself in five years?

Practice behavioral interview questions

Interviewers ask behavioral questions to find out how you acted in an employment situation and what you learned from it. When answering behavioral questions, first describe the situation, discuss your role and
the outcome of the situation, and then tell what you learned from the experience.

What did you learn from your most successful project?
What did you learn from a project that failed?
Describe a situation in which you were forced to make a difficult decision.
Describe an original idea that you pitched to a supervisor.

Be ready for a case interview

Interviewers may ask you case questions in which you have to solve a problem or analyze a situation.

These tips will ensure positive results for your in person interview.

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