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If you think that your dream job is just a fantasy that can never come true for you, you are wrong. It is possible to land the job of your dreams but you need to do your homework first. If there is a company that you are eager to work for and there’s a job position that you really want, you need to live the lifestyle of someone who is perfect for that job. Someone who wants to be the lead guitarist in a rock band could never get that position if he did not make practicing the guitar a priority. Professional musicians who don’t practice their instruments regularly risk losing gigs and consumer confidence. If the job you really want requires doing certain tasks, you should be proficient at doing those tasks.

Job postings usually list the requirements that the lucky person who will be hired needs to know. If you have the skills that the employer’s looking for, be sure to list those skills in your resume. Your resume is your ticket to getting a job interview. No employer is going to hire you without interviewing you first, and an interview will never happen until the employer determines that you are eligible to do the job based on the information provided in your resume. Your resume needs to contain all of the key words that the employer will be looking for from the best person to fill the job position. If you want that person to be you, you need to structure your resume so that the key words that the employer is looking for will stand out on the page. Your resume should be free of grammatical errors and it should also list your career experience, past work achievements, and educational background.

1. Get Email Access to the Hiring Manager

I quickly learned that sending in a job application through a job bank site simply doesn’t work. Your application ends up in a general jobs@company.com email, along with hundreds or thousands of similar applications. Recruiters scan quickly, and only pick the ones that really stand out. But what if you had access to the hiring manager? – You could completely skip the recruiters, and go straight to the person that makes the final decisions.

I decided to invest in LinkedIn Premium for Job Seekers so I could have that access to hiring managers. I did a quick search on the companies I wanted to work for, and found out who the manager was in the department I wanted to work in. I then proceeded to send an In mail to them, knowing it would go directly in their LinkedIn inbox. What’s nice with this approach – they can click on your LinkedIn profile, and pretty much get your résumé right there and then.

2. Get a Recruiter’s Attention from a Creative Campaign

In a busy world, where there are thousands of people searching for jobs, you need to stand out. I had a success story with getting the attention of recruiters at Radian6 back in February. The position didn’t work out because of timing, but I definitely left an impression on them.

Do your research

Do a search on what has already been done

Fully plan your campaign before you launch

Get other people involved.

3.  Use a Combination of Online and Offline

The tactic that worked best for me was using a combination of online and offline. This strategy got me the most interviews, and ultimately landed me my dream job.

  • Get a bunch of personal business cards. Make them as visually impressive as possible.  They’re a bit more expensive, but the quality of the card is remarkable. Everyone I give a business card to tell me how great my cards look – and excellent conversation starter for sure.1
  • Do some research on who you want to contact. Get their name, mailing address at the company, and email (using the tactics in point #1). Write them a small, hand written note, wrap it around one of your business cards, and send it to them in an envelope (addressed by hand, not type-written). They’ll remember this later on.
  • Follow up a couple days later with an email.

Remember, job hunting is like a full time job, and treat it like so!


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