What About That Thing Called Your Career?

Unless we have won the lottery, received a large inheritance, or built a multi-million dollar investment portfolio, we will rely on our careers to fulfill our economic hopes and dreams—the homes we want to own, the cars we want to drive, the education we want to provide for our children, and the financial security we want to experience during our working and retirement years. Our careers will be the product of the jobs we will land and hold, the promotions we will receive, and the compensation we will earn. Simply put:

bpm-diagram-1Our careers are our most important economic asset. 

There is an age-old and proven process for creating value from assets. That process is the Business Management Process. After all, the core reason why companies exist is to create value for its stakeholders. We even have a stock market that values companies based on the value they create.




Using the Business Management Process, companies create value by:

  1. Developing products to satisfy the needs of their target market (their customers).
  2. Branding their products to make them standout versus products offered by their competitors.
  3. Marketing their products to create awareness of the benefits they offer.
  4. Selling their products—convincing potential purchasers to become customers.
  5. Delivering what their brands promise to keep current customers and gain new customers.
  6. Improving their products to keep them competitive to continue creating value.


“What About That Thing Called Your Career?” will be followed by six monthly articles that will communicate measures, tools, and resources that you can use to apply the Business Management Process to the management of your career—the business of YOU. Following is the focus of the articles.


Business Management Process

Career Management Application


Develop product (I-Pad, smart phones, etc.) Turn your skills and capabilities into something you can offer for value


Brand product (Coca-Cola, The Real Thing) Define and express the value you offer


Market (6Ps of Marketing) Get known for what you offer


Sell (Right Product + Right Need = Sale) Convince decision makers to hire and promote you (Right Personal Product + Right Situation = Hiring and Promotions)


Deliver (Product + Promise + Delivery = Value) Manage your job performance to prove your value


Improve (Don’t’ be a Lotus 1-2-3) Maintain/increase the value of your personal product

What did you gain from reading this article?  Did you have an “aha” moment? What career management ideas, insights, and suggestions would you like to share?

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Linwood Bailey

Linwood Bailey is career coach, speaker, and the author of The Business of Me: Your Job … Your Career … Your Value. He is the Founder and Owner of Fields of Success, LLC. He enables professionals to get the most value from their most important economic asset—their careers. This includes finding a job, getting promoted, and staying employed. You can find Linwood on LinkedIn and visit his website here.

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