What To Do When ‘Positive Thinking’ Doesn’t Help

‘Think positive’ is the phrase which might have struck your mind every time you were struggling with a problem or goal with buzz around it in the form of articles in newspapers, posts over Internet sites, personality development trainers pitches and as such. And also, this phrase is most suggested by educated family members, friends and peers in most circumstances

Fire heaven - The burning awakeningLet me share my side of experience – Without the homework related to the target being on track, hanging on to positive thinking and dreaming aspirations is a myth. It’s impossible to be positive without some aspects being addressed. Our mind eco system is not supportive. You cannot fool your mind. Infact, its strain. Your hunger cannot be addressed or postponed by being positive. You cannot smile by any amount of positive thinking preparation when you are being pricked by a needle. We come across many trainers pitching ‘Smile, it costs nothing’. But practically, in a job interview, without having job related knowledge and skills, knowing that he/she lack several related things, how he can carry a neutral smile, though it’s free.  In same lines, your desire cannot be addressed with just positive thinking. The feeling of positive thinking is handicapped enough and does not have the capability to empower you realize your aspirations.

On the contrary, doing your homework properly on which ever target you have is the key for the ‘feel’ of positive thinking. One would be invaded incessantly by the desired positive feel when all the related knowledge, skills, series of actions and dedication will fall in place.

In addition – setting realistic targets, measuring progress at a very possible interval during the journey, taking 360 degree feedback from senior and peer well wisher members would spark off deep sense of much needed positive feel naturally which would push you towards good finishing minimizing any scope of last minute choking.

Would like to end with an annotation which is indirectly related to this topic – A world famous writer’s son too has to start his education journey with a, b, c, d and there’s no shortcuts. When youngster’s basics fall in place, then only poet’s experience can be of whatever use for his target ‘poet’.

This is a perspective based on personal experience, only and not scientifically substantiable.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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