Have ‘grooming’ books/content worked for you?

‘Change yourself in few hours/days’, ‘Habits of successful people’, ‘You can be rich in no time’

‘Just being positive makes 99% difference’ are few example titles which we often come across.

Did you audit whether such content really works for you

Some original thoughts have been presented in the rest of this content with a statement

‘Grooming’ Books didn’t work for me

reading a bookWorld’s greatest poet well versed in language cannot make his son a world class poet whatever quantity of quality of planning he does. He cannot miss the ‘run in the mill’ critical exercise starting from A, B, C, D … followed by A for apple, B for Bat … etc., in his vision to make his son a poet. In the same lines, a craftsman, a scientist, a doctor cannot make people equivalent to them by translating their experiences into content in the form of readable and attractive sentence phrases.

I have been personally seriously researching on book lovers and readers since a decade – I myself am a voracious reader. I am sorry; I cannot justify my claims with statistical figures and facts. Yes, book readers are more informed, more enlightened and gentler but they are not as successful as their counterparts in their respective career endeavors.

If that fact was true, every human being in this World would have been an intellectual and good.

I am trying to elicit my observations as follows:

  • Every person is born with a unique genetic map
  • Genetic map determines the complete physio-psycho boundaries/band of the person. In other words, the genetic configuration with which one is born is the critical key which controls the minimum and maximum of everything
  • The person cannot play beyond those boundaries. 5 footer cannot become 6 footer whatever he does. In the same lines, a person with limited thinking ability cannot think fast like a genius – processing capacity of  CPU limits the speed performance, and as such
  • The maximum a person can grow, transform is limited to the configuration with which he/she is born. The configuration limits are the boundaries
  • The experience of every person is unique in nature. Kids born in same family, brought up with same diet and environment too differ many a times to a greater extent in many ways

Writers are those who have great ability to present their thoughts in most impressive way. We only witness one in one thousand people becoming a writer – their ability has to be attributed to their genetic configuration. The way set of circumstances impact a writer’s mind is different from those of common lot. The key learning deductions are just specific to the psyche boundary limitations of the writer. The learnings could be genuine but they work only for people who has similar genetic configuration and who had exactly similar set of circumstances in their respective lives – and definitely not for the rest. An annotation – Liquid oil cannot be mixed in liquid water. If we try to mix, Oil will remain in the container changing the way water looks and tastes but heavier oil remains itself from lighter water separately.

The mismatch between one’s own physio-psyche ecosystem and the external knowledge can be detrimental – Such learnings impact people negatively.  By spending time and money on grooming content, common lot get enthusiased, reframe their priorities, aspirations and succumb.

The objective of this small insignificant write-up from an insignificant person is not to discourage you from reading nor with any offence to writers. But to insist – Read but don’t get force framed.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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