Is SWEET TALK only YOUR cup of Tea ?

In our respective professional circles, we hear sentence phrases in conversations such as ‘ To be frank with YOU ….’

‘I am sharing this with you, and it’s just because of YOU. Please don’t share with anybody for God’s sake’,

‘YOU look great but it depends on one’s eyes too’, ‘I was just thinking about YOU’

(followed by a phone call from you),

‘YOU are the first one to wish me today’ (this will be a repeat dialogue),

‘YOU are one the best person’s I have come across till date’

‘What YOU say is absolutely right, but …’ (starts contradicting from very basic foundations, with out acknowledging even a single fact)

And as such …

Improving-Employee-PerformanceNo undermining the element of genuinity, if the countenance is true and factual.

But, the art of communication in run-through with an objective to increase ones visibility by being impactful and by not letting down others is something which most corporate beings are grasping by virtue of their respective organization’s L&D initiatives and / or personal passion to excel. With abundant access to ‘self-excellence’ content in newspapers, magazines, journals, newsletters and blogs in the form tit-bits and with related content such as ‘body language’, ‘attire etiquettes’ etc., it’s observed that the line of action is being missed by most.

The following questions were posed to me by sizeable number of people from amongst whom I train including my team, saying:

‘He often uses the phrase < To be frank with you > makes me feel he is lying’

‘She complimented that I look best in blue colour dress. She forgot that she told me that I look great in pink few months back’

‘He told me that’s it’s a top secret being only shared with me. But that’s known to several others through him only’

‘He is just a sweet talker, as I overheard him speaking over phone several times repeating

What he tells me – I was about to call you or just thinking about you or you were just in my Mind and phone rang…ohhh’

In addition to the above,

A trainee post-graduate comment about a 10+ year experienced Corporate Trainer

‘There’s no link between his body language and what he talks. It’s irritating to bare him more than 30 minutes’

A team-member on his 12+ years experienced Manager business discussion-resized-600 ‘He candy talks with all team members personally and throws repetitive appreciative comments on everybody, since ages. He lacks originality and critical thinking.

How can I and my under performing team member get same appreciative comments?’

‘He always says ‘you are absolutely right’ with every team member in every conversation followed by philosophizing his thoughts and expects actions from us. He never implemented any of our ideas.

Why the hell, he should ask us then?’ Corporate and Professional friends, there’s nothing much for me to say after eliciting the above.

I personally feel, being ‘original’ is safe with current trends. Yes, temporarily it might be Irksome but in the continuous-run, it will prove more productive and worthwhile.

What’s your say on this?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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