Don’t You Enjoy Criticism?

Can you think of any person in your family, neighbourhood, relatives, work place colleagues not criticized leaving children, elders and insane?

With no offence to anybody, even God is not left out.

Commenting on the face, ear biting at the back, attributing something to somebody in one’s own mind are common criticism types.

CriticismIf we consider criticism as a behaviour; Behaviour is the interface between ones’ personality and external world. Personality is set of attitudes. Set of beliefs in combination determines ones’ attitude. Beliefs are strong thoughts which are either pre-conceived notions or those derived at through one’s own experience or strongly fed by near and dear. Thoughts spring up in mind due to the combination of ‘genetic map one’s born’ in reaction with environmental factors. This is slightly made easy version of what behavioural science proposes.

So, somebody’s criticism has a long tail behind it. Criticiser’s belief system is the primary reason behind the criticism and his/her own gene type and configuration (nearest IT word, couldn’t think of better one) in reaction with prevalent environmental factors triggers off thoughts which shape up in the form of beliefs. And belief should be addresses, attacked of whatever, to handle criticism.

As we can’t scan somebody’s brain and mind with our naked eyes, and neither have we time to research on the above, it’s wise to enjoy – Dog can only bark and of course in slightly varied formats but it can’t mew. That mammal is configured that way. In the same lines, people get annoyed, nervous, feel unhappy when people criticize and react in varied ways such as attack verbally, try convincing over a table expecting them to change over a coffee and even commit suicide.

Just think, World’s greatest, till date are those who were criticized the most. Of course, World’s worst have been too. But assuming, we are normal otherwise from every human perspectives, criticism should be best taken as somebody’s perspective about us and if criticism is complimented by aggression, we got to understand that it’s somebody’s very strong perspective about us, that’s it – self reiterating a soul satisfying fact that the criticiser doesn’t have enough information about us.

And new insights, scaling up targets, tightening loose ends are supplementary benefits associated with every criticism helping us immensely.

Criticisers are in fact contributors to our success. Their free, unrequested and often lengthy feedback help us pick up something’s we have forgot or ignored, tie up some loose ends and will contribute to increased self-motivation.

Make it a point to smile at criticisers and greet them back with a heartful ‘thank you’ for the benefit they are doing to us.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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