Is ‘Career Change’ Idea Prowling In Your Mind?

This piece of note is from my personal experience.

One of the hot reasons out of the several, ‘HOT SKILLS in demand’ seems the primary reason for the career change thought spark. Underlying motives behind the prime reason could be better pay, unprecedented career growth, opportunities in Global conglomerates and as such. Driven by motives, one gets into thinking, brain storming, enquiring with relevant resulting in deviation from the discipline of the work they are in at present. Deviation pushes the mind off the track and a ‘Justification’ takes birth – In words ‘I am capable for that’, ‘this work is not for me’, ‘even idiots are doing that and earning better’ and as such. At this stage, performance suffers and grading will follow accordingly leading to a ‘decision’.

Career Change

More than anybody else, one knows about himself. Unlike a medical diagnosis, mind motives Diagnosis isn’t easy and suggestions flow in and often in situations such as, no time – got to finish fast, anyway he will do what he wants – though I tell, encompassed by a critical fact that the suggestor doesn’t have fair idea about the asker’s motives and mind set.

More than qualifications, skills, experience, passion (driven by motives, not by genuine self-analysis),aptitude should be the key for one to think of career change. Confirming whether one has aptitude is addressable – Professional tools can be complimented by trying out what one wants in off line mode for some time would help one conclude whether what he is aspiring is his cup of tea. The crux is to experience what one intends to in some format for some time. This exercise can be succeeded by the list of things shared few lines above. Without which, it’s witnessed that people waste time, money leading to disturbances, conflicts, and depressions. Subsequently loosing self-confidence.

It’s difficult to interpret the meaning of the word ‘passion’ even by the best. One justifies his passion as that which will serve his motives quicker. Motives are imminent – Aligning aptitude with motives rather than getting carried away with motives will spark off the intended genuine passion and the resultant career change value could be awesome !

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