What’s YOUR ‘Professional Hobby’?

“Hobbies are an important form of creative expression,” says Claire Hall, the principal life coach at Authentic Empowerment. “Just as exercise releases and increases energy in the body, creative energy also needs a form of expression. Whatever hobby we choose, it is an important aspect of our wellbeing. It can enhance our ability to relax, rest our brain and recharge our spirit.”

Professional Hobby‘I don’t have a hobby’ – to say this in professional environment is sometimes unpleasant for the sayer. Having a creative hobby, rich hobby, rare hobby counts, now and a days.

Those one odd hobbies which some pursue in school days last only with few as they grow and get caught with work, family and daily demands. I am sure, whenever one comes across the word hobby, most minds come up with an excuse for either not continuing or for not taking up one. My little observation says, the environment in which one grows paves way for hobby pursuance and the same environment facilitates the pursuance consistency. Yes, rare few will be able to manage to make their hobbies, their careers. Hobby could have potential to become a career but career cannot be considered a hobby.

Assuming one didn’t have any hobby till date, for aforesaid reasons, it’s never late to consider having a hobby which could complement their existing career.

Let’s ponder a habit of simple reading. This habit has terrific potential to become a mind full hobby. This can work marvels. Most read newspapers and articles in magazines regularly. Few read books. With flourishing digital culture, one has to access to lot of content related to one’s profession in the form of white papers, blogs, published articles in national and international journals. Reading such content will not just help one get latest and well researched information but his mind grasps the logic, the reasoning, the research method behind the content. Mind has its own unique ways to differentiate logic, language and absorb the learning into its intellectual lobes and becomes permanent in rationales till next superior stuff knocks it off. We can control over our debit/credit cards, but mind doesn’t stop exercising what it learns.

Every new activity triggers new neuron activity patterns and mind relishes.

To let 2014 compliment us with better growth, why shouldn’t we experiment by pursuing a professional hobby < if you don’t have one >

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