Posted By: Gopinath Kokkonda
Jan - 10 - 2014

A recent Gallup poll revealed that two thirds of Americans are disengaged in their current position and as many as 20% loathe their jobs. Yet another poll by Right Management recently suggested as many as 83% of employees plan to ..Read More


Posted By: Gopinath Kokkonda
Jan - 10 - 2014

Employee turnover can dramatically impact an Organization/Project’s budget, resulting in lost productivity and additional costs to train a replacement worker. In fact, the Center for American Progress estimates an organization will pay one-fifth of an employee’s salary to replace that ..Read More


Posted By: Gopinath Kokkonda
Feb - 18 - 2014

Hiring managers today are faced with many challenges when filling a position. Sometimes the perfect candidate is obvious, having been groomed for the position for years. But all too often managers are torn between hiring from within and bringing in ..Read More

ATG Commerce, Technology Update

Posted By: Hussair Kaja
Oct - 21 - 2013

I had a requirement to modify product short description attribute to support 300  chars .Product Short Description  was defined as a String in repository , so the default max length allowed in BCC was 254 characters.

After long trial I ..Read More


Posted By: Gopinath Kokkonda
Aug - 23 - 2013

Feeling hopeless is the last thing i would like to experience, yet from time to time i go through this feeling; well, it could be anywhere between not excited about day to day life to other smaller forms of real ..Read More

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